About Us

This is all about authors enhancing the value of their work

BookVolts is providing a new digital book format that will turn an author’s writing into a brand new asset

Authors expanding into a new medium

BookVolts gives writers a chance to earn 85% of every sale by using NFT technology to protect their digital assets (for those who don’t know what NFT’s are please look at the WHAT IS AN NFT BOOK section).



We offer a range of bespoke packages for authors to create limited editions of their work, and we provide the platform for readers to have individual access to this exclusive material.

Digital First Editions

A new book format that benefits both authors and readers

An exciting new book format & marketplace

Authors earning their fair share

Pick the publishing model that works for you

Engage with your most loyal fans

Expand your visibility as an author to a new & growing marketplace. Be the first to publish using the power of NFT & blockchain technology.

Authors earn 85% of initial sales of their work. Authors also earn royalties of up to 10% on all secondary sales.

Add an NFT book pre-release to your other traditional formats, or even choose it as your sole format to target your most committed and enterprising readers.

Enjoy our range of multimedia add-ons such as maps, illustrations, hidden chapters, audio, memes and author meeting rooms. Build the package that will bring out the best of your story.

NFT books will strengthen the bond between authors and readers

BookVolts can offer an alternative to the printing process of hardback/paperback editions by creating a personalised and carefully designed digital NFT book, using images and illustrations from a selection of wonderfully talented artists. We help authors expand into multimedia storytelling, whether it be video, memes, audio snippets, author interviews and insights, maps, family trees, and much more.

These NFT editions can be created (or minted in NFT jargon) for a limited number as either pre-editions to a print/ebook publication date, or as the exclusive publication of the work itself.

Our vision

Our ultimate goal is to allow authors and readers to interact directly through the power of blockchain technology. As the technology evolves, we wish to create a publishing, selling and reading platform that can operate on a completely decentralised system.