Creating digital first editions

Publish digital 1st edition NFT books and literature

A new book publishing format that benefits authors & readers

As the other creative industries start to see the full potential of NFT Technology, Bookvolts is bringing these benefits to the publishing industry. We are creating and publishing digital first editions of timeless classics and brand-new bestsellers to help authors expand and enhance their readership. Don’t miss out on this growing marketplace for both crypto and literature enthusiasts.

Fair value for creators

BookVolts is a publishing platform that empowers authors to receive 80% of initial sales, and 10% of all secondary sales of their work.

Set prices & authenticate work

Authors digitally sign their work and store it on a decentralised platform, making it impossible to fraud or plagiarise.

Authors can then set a price for their works or allow customers to bid at auction on various marketplaces.

BookVolts: The first time a novel has been published end-to-end on the blockchain

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

In celebration of this feat, we wanted to pick a text that is renowned the world over for being considered the first ever novel in the English language (and yes, we know there are some other contenders!) – originally published in 1719, the book was so popular that it ran through 4 editions before the end of the year.