What is an NFT book?

What is an NFT book & how to publish an NFT book

BookVolts is the world’s first NFT book publisher. For the first time, publish your digital first editions on the blockchain.

What exactly is an NFT book?

Without getting too technical, an NFT book is similar to an ebook in terms of interaction and reading, but instead of existing purely as a downloadable epub or mobi file for anyone to steal or share, it is linked to blockchain technology that acts as an irrefutable digital contract between the creator and the purchaser.

For the first time ever, readers will be able to OWN their digital books, and writers will be able to benefit from the blockchain technology that PROVES this definitive ownership.

Scarcity is Key

Whereas an ebook is considered as a consumable purchase that has virtually no value outside of the Kindle or Kobo reader you view it on, an NFT book can be considered as a digital asset that can be stored or traded in a way very similar to first edition print books.

When we say that we’re using NFT technology to create ‘digital first editions’, we mean that we’re helping to create a limited number of individualised digital copies that can be stored and treasured by readers in an accountable, personal digital library.

How are NFT books any different to Amazon Kindle books?

Whereas there can be an infinite number of ebooks created every time a purchase is made on either Amazon or Google Books, NFT editions are limited, registered and coded through blockchain technology, so that a reader will know the exact number of edition that they own (and everyone else will too!).

This makes NFT books scarce, and therefore valuable. It also opens a secondary market for the resale of NFT books – something which isn’t currently possible with other eBook formats.

BookVolts: harnessing the power of blockchain for the benefit of authors & creators

BookVolts is utilising this revolutionary advance to claim back the value of digital publishing that has been lost through unlimited streaming and subscription models.

We want to see authors benefiting from the sea change of NFT technology (which has helped creators in other industries), and we want readers to be able to cherish new and exciting digital content for the first time.

But the most exciting part of NFT books is that we’re only at the beginning of their capabilities…