Star Spire Collector’s edition

E. R. Donaldson


Special digital first edition of E. R. Donaldson’s Star Spire.


Collector’s edition includes The Art of Nethra: Star Spire Companion Edition.



– Digital first edition (eBook)
– The Art of Nethra: Star Spire Companion Edition

They hatched a plan to steal from the universe’s deadliest assassins, but when the crew of the Vandal discovers a fresh threat aboard their very ship they realize they might just be in over their heads.

Fresh off a job in a neighboring system, Markus Frost and his crew are given less than a week to contrive a way to steal an illegal piece of technology – the Starfire Conduit – before it’s sold to the Ghenza Collective. They’re pulling out all the stops for this one, but when their pilot and resident hacker makes a gambit with some experimental technology that immediately backfires, the crew is forced to rethink everything if they are going to survive. With danger at every turn and their very lives at stake, the crew is going to need to get creative if they hope to make it off the Star Spire alive.

Chronicles of Nethra is a unique fusion of space opera, cyberpunk, and dark fantasy. Get ready for an epic story with characters that will win your heart and leave you wanting more.