Prove Them Wrong: Real Estate edition

Dre Evans


Digital First Edition of Prove Them Wrong by Dre Evans.


Real estate edition including bonus League of Wealth Comic book, That’s My Property book, and videos ‘How to Raise Capital’ and ’20 Ways to Fund Anything’.



– Prove Them Wrong book
– The League of Wealth Comic book
– That’s My Property book
– Video on How to Raise Capital
– Video on 20 Ways to Fund Anything

At twelve years old, Dre Evans felt so proud to participate in his first drive-by shooting.

Everyone craves belonging and purpose in life. How far would you go to satisfy that need?

Dre started by joining a Chicago street gang. But one terrifying day, as bullets flew past his head, he wondered if that desire was worth dying for.

His answer—and a conversation with a man he viewed as his enemy—prompted Dre and his brothers to abandon the urban battleground and join an elite new gang: the US military. They would make history as the first set of African-American triplets accepted into the Air Force, Naval, and Merchant Marine Academies.

In this unfiltered coming-of-age memoir, Dre shares his inspiring story, challenges the stigma surrounding the word “gang,” and offers a fresh perspective on how to live a fulfilling life. Prove Them Wrong invites readers on a journey of self-discovery that defies the odds assigned by society.