Love You, Valentine


Special digital first edition of Rionna Morgan’s Love You, Valentine.


Includes beautiful illustrations throughout, Edgar Allan Poe easter-eggs, and exclusive access to Discord channel with the author.


Brand new artwork designed by Steph Rapo.



– Digital First Edition (ebook)
– Brand-new illustrations by Steph Rapo
– Edgar Allan Poe easter-eggs
– Exclusive access to Discord channel with the author

When Valentine Fortunato wakes up in a hospital room to an unknown man, claiming to have been her brother’s friend, she is skeptical.


Valentine grew up in a sleepy little town on the coast of Oregon, running happy and free with her brother along the coastline famed for its rugged features and pounding surf. But, coming back after her brother’s death wasn’t like coming home.


She thought she’d find comfort in the familiar being near his memory, but all their friends had moved away, building their own lives and futures. The old shops and used-to-be popular hangouts were now filled with strangers.


Steeped in memories and caught in a rhythm of sadness, Valentine fills her days with renovating her parent’s theatre and sending messages to her brother’s silent email account, knowing he will never answer.


She has no idea what those emails have set in motion. She has no idea that around her, danger lurks. She has no idea who her brother really was or that there is a web of secrets surrounding his death.


Will she find love and safety in the arms of her brother’s friend, does he have the answers she seeks, or is he the one sent to kill her?