How To Write Your Story of Success to Impact the World: A Story Starter Guide to Write Your Business or Personal Stories, Goals and Achievements

Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson


Digital First Edition of How to Write your Story of Success to Impact the World, by Jenn Foster & Melanie Johnson.


Book Writing Fast Pass course included (retail value $1197)


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– Book Writing Fast Pass course (retail value $1197)
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Track Your Success, Inspire Motivation. And Increase Self-Esteem!


Write down your stories of accomplishment and success with Elite Online Publishing’s guided journal, How to Write Your Story of Accomplishment and Success! With over 50 guided questions organized into sections about your goals, motivation, planning, lessons, and mentors, this story starter will help you track the journey of your accomplishments and success.


With prompted directions, you’ll be able to answer questions like:


How were you introduced to this event/goal?
Did you have a mentor that you looked to for success in helping achieve your goal?
How did you stay motivated?
How did you overcome discouragement?
Did your plan change during the process?
And so many more.


This story starter and journal offers an excellent means to preserve memories and discover hidden aspects of yourself and your journey. Here is the vehicle to encourage and inspire others with your path.