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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is BookVolts?

BookVolts is a book publishing ecosystem built on the blockchain. We publish books and literary content as NFTs.

We want to see authors and publishers benefiting from NFT technology in the same way that it’s helped musicians and artists in their respective industries, and we want readers to be able to cherish new and exciting digital content for the first time.

BookVolts empowers authors to expand into multimedia storytelling. When publishing an NFT book, authors can now add-on videos, maps, audio snippets, memes, author interviews and insights, family trees, and much more. As the world becomes evermore digital, it’s vital that we help authors maximise the value of their digital book assets (ebooks, audiobooks etc).

Readers will benefit from a more immersive storytelling format and more proximity to the author, who can now embrace their readership directly. Whatever the author wishes to include in the digital edition, that’s what we can tailor the offer to.

Our ultimate goal is to help bring authors and readers closer together through the power of blockchain technology.

2. What is a (crypto) wallet

A wallet is an application or hardware device that allows individuals to store and transfer digital assets like cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

When you download a crypto-wallet, you take control of two 42 character keys; a public key, known as your wallet address, and a private key. You can think of your public key as your sharable bank account info.

Your private key acts as a password or pin, so keep it safe and private.

3. How do I delete my account

You can delete your account at any time by clicking here.