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Fair Value for Authors

BookVolts is a publishing platform that empowers authors to receive 85% of initial sales, and up to 10% in royalties on all secondary sales of their work.

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Read your NFT books on the BookVolts app. Our award-winning reader app works on mobile, desktop and all tablets (yes, even Kindle!)

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Unique Bonus Content

For the first time, supercharge your digital editions with bonus content (such as author notes and illustrations) that isn’t available anywhere else.

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NFT books (or Digital First Editions as we like to call them) can maximise the value of an author’s existing work and help to bring authors and readers closer together

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Praise for Isle of Winds by James Fahy:

"I really love the bonus items, especially the map. It’s good to be able to jump easily between the book, the map and the places list to get an idea of where the different parts of the story take place. The deleted scenes extra is also a great addition and something you would not normally get to read. The scope for what can be added in the future is immense."

"I am enthralled by this addition of Fahy’s work. Being a visual person, my favourite parts are the illustrations and the map, now I can find my way around the Netherworld. Fahy’s ability to include history, facts, and local places are always a highlight of his work, so reading his notes about this is also a must-have! The app and features are brilliantly created and laid out so the reader truly gains an immersive experience. I cannot wait for future editions (hint hint)!"

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In an increasingly saturated digital marketplace, a specialised NFT edition can be a real game changer for authors and the publishing industry. If you are an author, an illustrator, a publisher, a collector or just interested in what we are doing, please contact us here:

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