Justin, Jayla and the Mysterious Coins

Carlton M. Withers Jr.


Digital First Edition of Justin, Jayla and the Mysterious Coins by Carlton M. Withers Jr.


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225 in stock

225 in stock

– Digital First Edition (ebook)
– Audiobook Edition
– Video Edition
– Educational Flashcards
– New Edition Cover Design

What happens when two kids come across some really rare coins as a reward for their kindness? How will they decide to use them? Do these strange coins have the power to teach them a valuable lesson that will change their lives?

This children’s book by Carlton M. Withers Jr will teach your little angels the value of money, saving, and wise spending, helping them plan their future financial life and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The beautiful printing, the vibrant colors and the easy-to-read language make this kid’s book an interesting read. Following the steps of the two little heroes, will entertain and educate your kid about spending smart. It is a thought-provoking children’s story and an easy way to introduce young children to world of money, the dilemmas involved in each of their purchases and the risks of spending every dime on impulse. And as such, it makes a precious read for home, the holidays or the classroom, as it will encourage your little adventurer or young pupil to spend wisely, taking in this way responsibility about their future financial happiness!

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