Isle of Winds (The Changeling Series Book 1)

James Fahy


Special edition of Isle of Winds by James Fahy. The first book in the Changeling series.


Includes bonus short story and introduction written by James Fahy; a map of the changeling world; a glossary of terms and items found in the book; deleted scenes; and author notes.


Brand new artwork designed by Thea Magerand.


Author endorsed – James Fahy gets 85% of all sales.



– Digital First Edition (ebook)
– Bonus short story & introduction written by James Fahy
– New artwork designed by Thea Magerand
– Author hand-drawn map of the changeling world
– Glossary of terms and items found in the book

Robin Fellows lives with his grandmother and lives what appears to be a rather ordinary life for a normal twelve year old boy. But when Robin’s Gran dies, quite suddenly and a bit mysteriously, his world is turned upside down. A long lost relative comes out of the woodwork and whisks him away to a mysterious new home, Erlking Hall, a quiet estate in the solitary countryside of Lancashire.


Suddenly Robin must adjust to his new reality. But reality is no longer what he thought it was…


There is more than meets the eye to this old, rambling mansion. Little does he know that there is more than meets the eye to himself. Robin is the world’s last Changeling. He is descended from a mystic race of Fae-people, whose homeland, the Netherworlde, is caught in the throes of a terrible civil war.


Not only this, but in this new world there is a magical force that has infiltrated the human realm. Before he can wrench power from the malevolent hands of the Netherworlde’s fearsome tyrant leader, Lady Eris, he must first search for the truth about himself and the ethereal Towers of Arcania.


The first instalment of ‘The Changeling Series’, Isle of Winds is an engrossing tale written in the traditions of high fantasy story-telling while carving out a magical new realm. It is perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series.


James Fahy is the author of the Changeling fantasy series, following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our world, and the Netherworlde, a shadowy realm which lies beyond our own. In addition to fantasy, James also writes Science Fiction, Urban Gothic and Steampunk, for people old enough to know better.


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