Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

2022 Achievements

  • Released first ever blockchain book reader Apps on iOS, Android and Web (also works on Kindle).
  • Published first NFT book version of Frankenstein.
  • Built in app marketplace option on Polygon.
  • Minted a handful of projects available both on our own website and on OpenSea.

Q4 2022 Targets

  • Release 10-15 authors onto the Blockchain.
  • Increase social media presence and following.
  • Develop both video and audio capabilities in-app.
  • Build full marketplace on our platform to support NFT book exchanges.

2023 Vision

  • Implement token, staking and ranking systems to accompany the marketplace on our platform.
  • Develop fully functioning multichain reader app.
  • Successfully launch catalogues from established publishing houses.
  • Allow authors to handle all stages of uploading and selling their own work.