How to publish?

How to publish an NFT book with BookVolts?

BookVolts works with independent authors and manages the entire NFT publishing process on their behalf.

We work with you every step of the way

Get in touch

Simply fill out our 2-minute questionnaire & our team will organise a call.

Define the NFT book

Based on your vision, we will define what specs your NFT book will have. Together, we will define how many editions to create and what add-ons to include.

BookVolts builds the NFT book

Our team will take care of the whole NFT creation process: we’ll “mint” the NFT, publish it onto marketplaces and upload the readable content on our reader app.

Market to your audience

Communicate the launch of your book to your fans and the wider literature network. We can help you maximise the launch of your NFT book with our marketing playbook.

Unparalleled reader experience

We publish your work on our web-based reader app. Only the owner of the NFT book will be able to access and read your book.