Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BookVolts is a Web3 publisher and platform. We are creating bespoke Digital First Editions and NFT books that benefit authors and their fans. Our ultimate goal is to allow authors and readers to interact directly through the power of blockchain technology.

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

An NFT book is similar to an ebook in terms of interaction and reading, but instead of existing purely as a downloadable epub or mobi file for anyone to steal or share, it is linked to blockchain technology that acts as an irrefutable digital contract between the creator and the purchaser.

Our primary blockchain is Polygon (for which Matic is the currency) but we will be expanding onto multiple chains shortly.

Download our Reader App on any desktop or mobile device and create your own BookVolts Wallet. Once you have created the wallet, your free NFT will be minted and will appear on your bookshelf within a minute.

If you tap on any of your NFT Books (either on the Homepage or on the My Collection page) and scroll down past the ‘Read the Book’ button, you will see all of the bonus features included with your NFT Book.

A crypto wallet is an interface that lets you interact with your blockchain assets and keeps them safe. You can either create a new one with BookVolts to store your NFT books or you can import one already created.

You can purchase an NFT book either directly on OpenSea or through our own website with a bank transfer. If you purchase an NFT book via bank transfer, we will mint the book for you and deliver it to the wallet of your choice.

You can put the NFT book up on OpenSea and set your own price for resale. Some of the royalty will go back to the author (usually 8.5%). BookVolts will soon have a marketplace for you to buy and sell NFT books more easily.

Please click on the refresh button at the top of the ‘My Account’ section on the app and wait for the NFT to appear. If that doesn’t work, please get in touch with us either via the website or through the Help Center on the app.

If you download the BookVolts reader app and go to your ‘My Collection’ section you will see your personal bookshelf with all of your NFT books available. Your wallet details are at the top of your ‘My Account’ section.

If you get in touch with BookVolts directly with questions then we’d be happy to discuss your project in more detail and look at what to include and how many editions we can mint onto the blockchain. BookVolts charges no fees and only takes 15% of all sales. In the future we will make it possible for any author to mint their books directly onto the blockchain.

If you go onto the ‘My Account’ section of the Reader App, you will see the option to delete your account at the bottom of the screen.

BookVolts is a constantly evolving company working in a very exciting creative space. We hope to update the Reader App and our own website with cool bonus features and selective offers to those who follow us. We also have plans for putting the reader (that’s you!) in a more central position once we have developed our book ranking and reviewing chart.